So this collection changed title and purpose, so I’ll put spoooopy stuff in a different place…

Recipes, bitching and rants, pertinent info related to the Diabeets will be here.

Apologies to people who followed and got switched up on….it’s too late, yer locked in, and much like Hotel California, you cannot leave.


Again, I LIKE and appreciate advice and gallows humor, so feel free to do both here.

Welcome to an actual collection of freaky stuff.

Welcome to an actual collection of freaky stuff.

This will be where I will put things that are freaky and odd and even spooopy.

Follow this if you live on the wild side.

Skerdy cats should turn around and go to a safe place.

This sculpture was purchased at Monsterpalooza, the artist is a dangerously normal looking dude, and is he is twisted in the coolest, most disturbly jawsome way.

Stack O’ fingers.

Some of his stuff even has HAIR…

When I find his name, I will edit post.