Guillermo del Toro TOTALLY gets me.

Mah whole life…. this movie.

The Creature was misunderstood, and i ALWAYS imagined him developing an actual mutual friendship and then relationship with a less screamy woman…

That all the terror stuff was left to the horrible people disrupting his beautiful calm lagoon, and he actually was seen with empathy by the woman…

I feel like he got the raw deal here.

And you can see some Bud Westmore’s makeup work, of the famed Westmore, family got credit….but guess who was left out? (I think the current Westmores are decent folk.)


Westmore became so petty and horrible toward her, his behavior was actually noticed by another MAN, and even tho there was some back and forth, he made sure he crushed her career in Hollywood makeup.

I think what was done to her happened a lot then and happens a lot now….I like seeing the shift of more talent women in shows like FaceOff, and seeing them be able to flex the jawsomeness that is movie effect makeups.

The Creature is one of my all time favorite Creatures of EVER, and one day I will make and wear my OWN Creature costume, because even as a shark….it’d be pretty bad ass.