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OH MY CRAP, did I ever have fun dressing up Shannon Shoffner’s llama. Better than Barbies, ferrealz.

You know that thing, yarn bombing? Where people “graffiti knit” on trees and railings and such? I wonder if I can guerilla kit out some local llama…

Oh, like they wouldn’t know who it was almost immediately.



These are killer snow goons.

They are still in the cute and harmless stage at this age.

I’m certain they’ve turned by now.

Unrelated, it’s 2:30 a.m. and I have a headache so bad that it makes me feel stabbeh stabbeh.

Wish super powers came with headaches.

(Teeny killer snow goons made by me this past weekend, on a short trip up the mountains to find snow.)



Can’t relate to this article or the stories, gratefully.

Handicapping children to become entitled larger assholes later…starts pretty young.

While some of these might be due to age, many of the stories are results of very bad parenting choices.

“Is that all?!”…….just whoa.

At the risk of seeming really like a judgmental weiner, I’ve seen this sort of thing happen out in public (stores, restaurants) and I’m quietly horrified.

When I was a waiter, there were times watching this drama unfold, and I’d catalog it in my “if I ever have kids” mental rolodex for what NOT to do.

(I am not talking about children with special needs, or tantrums/meltdowns….I am talking about greed and snotty spoiled horrid behavior.)

If you are looking for a way to cope with roadblocks on yer way to mindfulness and shit, give this a read.

If you are looking for a way to cope with roadblocks on yer way to mindfulness and shit, give this a read.

The language isn’t mine… so getting grrrr at me won’t change why I posted it

**EDIT: Actually, and adjustment made after a comment below….

I have made a change. Thank you Gert Sønderby​

The message behind it is solid.

Someone asked, so here ya go.