The Creature is mah favorite aquatic spoooopy go to.

The Creature is mah favorite aquatic spoooopy go to.

Since I was little, The Creature From the Black Lagoon was the coolest.

I believe, as I always have, he wasn’t trying to harm the screaming lady….

He was really just trying to keep his pristine lagoon screech free.

One day I will have my very own full body Creature Suit.

Until then:

Best t-shirt: I GOT MINE….


From The Supreme Eyebrow of Spoooopy, Mark Rodriguez​

Originally shared by Mark Rodriguez (Godriguez)

creature feature

the creature from the black lagoon has long been one of my favorite’s of the classic monster movies and not just cause parts of it were shot here in florida. it was in the steady rotation on creature feature hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer here in tampa and always got excited when i saw it was going to be coming on

it was a unique concept and an especially unique creature in general and always loved the look of the half fish-half man mutation. i put a little bit of my own spin to the classic look of the beast in my latest drawing but i still wanted to stay true to original form as it was already damn cool to begin with

if anyone is interested, i do have this as a t-shirt print available in my online store just in time for halloween

i hope to knock out some more drawings of the classic movie monsters during this month of eternal darkness as time permits