Anyone need some editing?

Get edited.

He’ll throw in a snazzy holiday photo of himself in a festive hat.


Originally shared by Jeff Ford

At the Mountains of Radness Editing Services

No goofy, dumb funny business this time. Over the past year, editing has been a big reason why I have been able to pay bills and tuition. The well is beginning to dry up, and so that is why you see me advertise a bit more. I never want to be a bother, but I also can’t feel too guilty about doing something that could help me have income and a way of living. Y’know what I mean? So please consider me. I can guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied with my effort. You will not be disappointed in me.

I edit any and all genres/lengths. My rate is $0.007 per word for 1st draft, free 2nd draft, and $0.004 for additional drafts. 15% up front, then with what remains you don’t pay another cent until I have half of the story edited, to which you’ll pay 50% before I hand it over, then you’ll pay the second 50% after I’ve finished editing the second half. Edits include full content, developmental, and grammar edits. Basically, I bring it all.

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