Rewatching The Mission (1986)

Rewatching The Mission (1986)

Incredible soundtrack…music Ennio Morricone.

A lot of people didn’t like this movie.

I watch it every year.

Perhaps I saw something different in it.

People so often want to believe they are helping, and much of the time they “help” for reasons that serve themselves….instead if the actual people they were supposed to be helping….and ruin happens instead.

Perhaps people meddle.

Help is actually helpful when humans slow down enough to ask the group they are thinking requires help… sometimes, even much of the time, what people need from us isn’t the same as what we are willing to give.

Not just in the context of this movie, but in daily life.

This movie does an excellent job of looking at a slice of the Human Condition.

Helping / harming?

Guilt / redemption?

Sharing / pushing?

(This is the “srs for moment” collection…if you no like, just swipe on by.)

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