Hey…do you ever look at a person or wut they are doing/saying and think, “What made them so petty, nasty and hostile?”

I do.

I mean I don’t spend a huge amount of time on it but sometimes I wonder if they are just bored or think it actually changes anything to be nasty…

I watching something unfold here in public, and I’m sitting here wondering wut will be gained…it appears gaslighting is happening, and I’m just a shark…but…

Don’t let people tell you your reality, man.

Never let people discount YOU and tear you down.

To the stranger lady wanting to join a gym and do weightlifting….don’t listen to that assholey dude.

Go join that gym and lift those things.

And maybe dump his ass…


(This shark isn’t me…it’s Jerry who had the misfortune of getting caught, AGAIN, by biting the shiny thing…thanks Di Cleverly for releasing him…he appreciates it, but will do it again because he has no impulse control.)

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