Notes on paperbag floor doing:

Notes on paperbag floor doing:

Prep a lot of paperbags…rip up to desired size and precrinkle….. rewatch something and get busy.

Fill any cracks and sand lightly.

Wash up any gunk, I’m using a finful of wet paper towels, right before each patch of paper I apply.

Be prepared to get gooey….I’m rinsing off after each three feet of placing paper to floor…and prepping next spot.

This is time consuming but I’m pleased so far.

Very forgiving medium…covers a multitude of sins.

Use actual paper bags, the paper matters…and paperbags are the perfect thickness.

Smaller pieces maybe be a PITA, but help to eliminate air bubbles.

It’s 1:30 a.m….

The area is cat free until it dries.

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