Howdy g+

Howdy g+

ANYTHING you can do is appreciated…please share to various social networks, and even five dollars will help…

Please O please help if ya can.

These kids have worked so hard.

Thank you for anything you can do.

Originally shared by Stuckin D’South

My, never let me down, awesomely, amazingly, superior G+ pals. I need your help once again. My Beta kids made it to Nationals with two 2nd place wins at State. However, we can’t afford it without you. What’s worse, is we literally only have 2 weeks to make a ton of money. $5,000 in fact. Please help me keep from disappointing my students. $5 or just a share, anything and everything will help. Thank you in advance!

Beta Club is a US academic and service club. My students that placed, placed for poetry writing and a timed language arts test.

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