This is a gud gud thing.

This is a gud gud thing.

Fighting childhood cancer…


Please read/donate/share if ya can.

Go kick some cancer ass, Russell.

Originally shared by Russell Holly

This month I decided to do something new, and ride for Children’s Cancer Research. I thought I was pushing it trying to get to 250 miles in a month, and did not think I could raise $500, but I wanted to try.

So far I have ridden 300 miles, and raised $2,316.21. On both accounts, I am truly blown away. I’ve had so much support, from Chris Sewell riding with me everywhere and so many people donating. It’s been a blast.

I’m making one last push, to 350 miles ridden. I’m asking you to help me get to $2,500 raised to match. That’s $183.79 I need to raise before Saturday night.

Anything you can do, even just sharing this post, would be deeply appreciated.

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