I do.

You can go get some here

Also, even five bucks helps a single mom with an ass for an ex…..child support is crucial, and when yer ex is not doing his part, it’s fuckin’ hard.

Help if ya can, buy some art, donate, and / or share.


Originally shared by Shelly Kay

Please guise, I need some help. Even $5 donations add up.

I am looking into a possible program that will guarantee me Admin Exec work, (or so “they” say) but it begins in the late fall & I have to commit to 3 months of training M-F 9-5. (like an unpaid job) & then at the end, you start going on interviews…

They say it’s guaranteed you get hired, but I’m not so sure. Plus the program is $50.

I am at such a loss here. Every avenue I explore seems like a dead end.

Again, I know this is NOT YOUR PROBLEM.

Seriously my dream is to have enough money to pay my bills and help you all with yours. TRUE STORY.

I hate being on this end of things.

Thank you for your time. xo #thankyou #blessyou #somedayiwillpayitbackandforward

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