A moment of WTF AMAZING….

A moment of WTF AMAZING….

I just used a tiny fin held smartphone to:

Create, order, confirm, and pay for a custom stencil that will be ready by 4 p.m.

Check the weather.

Look up mindfulness techniques for sharkling and send them to his phone.

Go to my Nest and adapt the temperature in mah cave.

Order fud to be ready and waiting for pickup.

Check on you yahoos.

Check on a friend in hospital.

Change dentist appointments.

Take a stunning portrait of mah dopey cat and send it here.

Order a coffee down the street.

Touch in with two people who are struggling.

Print something in another room I need.

Get updates on several things, real time.

Look at what happened on this date thru pictures in 2014.

Read the news for my area.

Text mah SisShark about plans later.

Listen to music.

See what exactly is happening in Iceland right now…live cam.

Check mah blood pressure using app.

Smartphones are amazing.

Mind-blowingly amazingness.

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