Anyone who can…

Anyone who can…

I KNOW Kimberly and she is a gud egg and dealing with a lot.

I’m sending a care box a bit later on, after my insides stop trying to keel me…

She really is a gud egg…Any help wud be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time, g+…..

Originally shared by Kimberly Hurlbut

Hey there everyone,

SO it’s come time again where I have to beg for money which sucks. I am completely broke until I get my monthly payment on the third of October. Normally I would have money at this time but unfortunately I live with a gambling addict that has once again gambled away his paycheck and therefore not able to pay me what he owes. I’m only telling you all this so that you understand my situation better but please don’t give me advice on what to do with him, thanks. I’m already dealing with a lot right now and that is one problem I’m working through. LUCKILY my kitties are all taken care of but I need things like food and laundry card money and I’m supposed to get renters insurance before October 1st. If you are able and want to donate that would be awesome! I will even make you an origami animal or something else that I can send you unless you live very far away and the postage is too much, LOL. If you cannot donate I totally understand, but please send this on.

Thanks for reading – hope you are all having a good one! ❤

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