Hey everyone…

Hey everyone…

This is still going and the problem with donations has been fixed.

Love ya all.

Thanks ahead of time for any donations and reshares.

The holidays are especially difficult.

Originally shared by Bruce Shark

Please share across all appropriate social media and get them some help.

This loss is devastating and I know people have been asking.

Lee is the sole beneficiary for this GoFundMe, and I’ll be adding to the updates later today.

A Caringbridge page will also be created today , has been made, so Lee can keep people who loved Jason in the loop with whatever she needs without having to contact everyone individually.

So much love to you all.

Thank you.

Please share.

Jason L. Walters was born on December 10, 1982 in Charleston, SC. He is the eldest son of Alan and Ellen Walters.

    Jason met and married his wife, Lee C. Walters, in Rock Hill, SC. They lived in Rock Hill with their three year old daughter, Thea. Jason worked IT at UNFI in Richburg, SC. He had the uncanny ability to fix nearly anything he set his mind on, and he delighted in writing scripts to make his and others’ jobs easier and more productive.

  He was an avid video gamer and very devoted to Nintendo and Monster Hunter. He was a very kind and doting husband and father. He always put his family first and strove to make their lives better. Jason spent his evenings at home making sure there were no monsters in the closets, and his wife had a shoulder to lean into. As a friend, Jason was devoted to helping in whatever way needed. He was generous in all endeavors and reveled in a job well done. He participated in INGRESS and had a large system of friends on and offline.

   He will be greatly missed.

   Donations may be made to:  https://www.gofundme.com/help-for-lee-and-thea

A memorial will be held in Glencairn Gardens

Saturday 4-6

Glencairn Gardens

725 Crest St.

Rock Hill, SC


Lee’s Caringbridge page is :


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