Yea, hangry for sure….

Yea, hangry for sure….

While there are people out there who will actively fuck with ya and have zero problem behaving poorly for money or status…..they will throw ya under a bus if they believe it serves them somehow.

Luckily, i don’t know very many awful humans.

However just one can have a huge impact on yer life….the damage and upheaval and anguish these destructive people can bring about is astounding….and well, shitty.

Life is weird and it seems rather absurd at times….

I just gotta stay calm and keep swimming.

Anyone having a ruff time right now, please let someone know if you need some support or even just a hug…

This is a difficult time of year for a lot of folks and just being around a few friends who get it and aren’t making it harder is good/useful.

Let me know if I can bite anyone for you….I’m feeling very chompy rite meow….

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