When training classes happened, we addressed this deviant behavior.

When training classes happened, we addressed this deviant behavior.

This is a type of sexual violence.

Very frequently, when met with anger and outrage and a lack of fear THIS type of predator will back down.

These predators are cowards and sneaky AF.

They bank on the “well, I didn’t TOUCH HER” defense. Usually these asshats don’t step it up…


Its a scary dicey call, tho….men who seek to humiliate and abuse women in this manner are frequently so angry and hate filled, the fear of having severe and escalated behavior from the predator is huge and valid.

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I am not going to be entertaining any rude comments, attempts at humor, or victim blaming.

I will delete any comments I deem inappropriate.

This is the srs collection and if you feel the need to disregard my wishes, please do so on your own post.

Having worked with the victims of this horrible crime, it’s not funny to me in the slightest.

The youngest girl we worked with was 15, the oldest woman was 75….and every age in between.

The horror and pain involved in recovery is staggering.

The women and girls we trained with were brave, and are to be respected for their courage and strength.

I’ll keep comments open if it stays intelligent.

Just had Sharkling read up on the Harvey Weinstein shit storm…

Just had Sharkling read up on the Harvey Weinstein shit storm…

I looked at him and said, “Every woman you know…every single one….has been thru this…. multiple times… this HORRID predatory behavior from family members, bosses, “friends”, dates, strangers.”

Please on this thread, no shitty jokes or b.s…

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This shit isn’t even a little bit funny to me or my family.



They really can.

Keeping the room of the dying person calm and filled with loving voices, their favorite music, is good.

Hearing arguing, stressful conversations, and old wounds is to be avoided…make sure everyone who may visit adheres to this rule.

I drive this road on a regular basis….

I drive this road on a regular basis….

*Glendora Mountain road…

It’s a gorgeous drive, great views and excellent places to stop and have a NATURE moment.

It is also very twisty turn, and requires careful driving.

I’ve seen some scary crap happen in this stretch.

Be careful out there, folks….

One weird or dangerous move could injure you and others.

Cars are gud things, AND driving is a big deal.

Be responsible and mindful.

*EDIT : JEEZ…Story/pic posted below.

So, in depth question:

So, in depth question:

I’ve noticed this strange phenomenon at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other Healthy eating stores…

The people who work at them are friendly and helpful and have great attitudes….but the majority and I mean massive majority of people who shop at these places are some of the grumpiest, meanest, nasty people ever.

I checked in with mah ego, it’s not me, I’m jolly AF, and over the years have asked the employees if it’s true or mah imagination.

Nope, they ARE truly high maintenance and mean spirited.

Why is this?

Mah sister says it’s lack of bacon.


Really do not feel gud, mah family made this and brought it to me….while I took a day off and slept.

Really do not feel gud, mah family made this and brought it to me….while I took a day off and slept.

An amazing shiver of sharks here.

Gud eggs, all of ’em.

It’s important to experience gratitude I think.

Gonna munch on this here apple, salami, cheddar, Gouda, Swiss now, and go back to sleeps.

Plumeria is from our garden and is mah favorite….

Smells like Kauai.