Iceland​, posted for Jamaa L​…

Iceland​, posted for Jamaa L​…

Flights are super cheap on WOW, and I never got the feeling it was a bargain airline…New planes, jawsome service, I’d give them a 10/10.

Food IS expensive, and do your research and​ you will​ eat some of the best grub of your life…. Especially if you dig seafood and lamb. Yum.

So much to do and see, but it’s spread out.

Gotta drive.

Rent a car with 4 wheel studded snow tires.

Get good boots and warm gear.

Can’t wait to go back.

Icelandic horses are EVERYWHERE and are stooopid lvls of cute. Hardy little fuzzy bastards, too. During a snow storm they just stand there looking like Fabio.

Go to the Penis museum in Reykjavik.

It’s hilarious.

I learned some Icelandic and they laughed at me and appreciated the effort.


Won’t let me add photos.

O.K. Go back thru this collection, prior posts to see Iceland photos…Google you potato mutha fukka

So, funneh thing…every town has the exact same church…..

So, funneh thing…every town has the exact same church…..

We started calling it the Tardis Church.

It was sorta amusing.

Exact same church… every town we went to.

Iceland is dramatic and has many interesting opposites going on :

Black and white

Fire and ice

Soft and hard

Gentle and harsh

Bright and dark

Tasty and scary

All the water tastes amazing…like dreenking a lot just because it’s gud…also ate a lot of snow.

We were moved by how gentle and kind the majority of the people we met were….

It’s almost like they could tell we were trying really hard to be gud sharks.

Iceland is also a seafud heaven….I ate well there.