Iceland was majestic AF.

Iceland was majestic AF.

I loved mah visit….wud totally like to return.

People were patient, kind, and for the most part, had a great sense of humor and were super nice to a bunch of sharks.

Extremely imressed with the airline, WOW…..WOW was a gud experience, and if you paint little watercolors for the air service staff, they give you free drinks and icelandic chocolate and Skyr.

I’d say if you can, plan a trip to iceland…It was wonderful.

Actual color, no artificial light or color added….

Actual color, no artificial light or color added….

Iceland ice caves are crazy jawsome….

All these losers wud’nt git outta mah way for these pictures….jk…everyone was actually pretty cool.

I drank Glacier Water….and a bunch of tourists wanted to have a picture taken with this shark in this cave….

I cudda spent hours in here….it was absolutely mindbendingly blue and dazzling.

Our tour guide Bastion was hilarious and made it even moar * bad ass.

Edit: wut is the deal with mah typos this morning ?!

Uh..maybe probably NSFW

Uh..maybe probably NSFW

Why, yes…..that is a giant scrotum lamp….

More from the Peen Museum….

Peen everything here….art, poetry, jewelry, golf clubs, candelabras…..everything.

I think the museum should give me a percentage, because I got a lot of customers for them due to mah hyena laughing upon exiting….it’s a must see sorta thing.

Also, i have to go back, because I “blew it” by neglecting to draw a dickbutt in the guest book.

Please feel free to tag anyone you think would like to see lots of peen.