This is how we do.

This is how we do.

The Bruce look….of love.

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I rarely post images of wide open shark jaws because that’s not how sharks swim around.

Shark jaws are connected to the skulls through a series of muscles that allows them to drop the jaw down and thrust it forward in what is then posted as the “shot” in the moment of the final bite. It’s what I call the “Bruce” look.

In this screens shots from a video it’s evident the anatomy of a Bruce bite but the final image shows how sharks normally look and swim around.

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We mean you no harm…..really.

We mean you no harm…..really.

Originally shared by The TerraMar Project

Great White Sharks are the largest predatory fish on our planet! They can be found in oceans around the world where they spend their time primarily near cool-water coasts.

Unfortunately, these magnificent animals have been given the reputation as man-eaters from the media over many years, when in reality Great Whites are highly sophisticated hunters who don’t enjoy eating humans. The great majority of shark attacks by Great Whites are simply a case of mistaken identity for their favorite meal: seals and sea lions.

Unfortunately, even the ocean’s top predator is no match for mankind’s impact on the sea. Overfishing has driven these incredible and ancient animals to become an Endangered species.

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Photo: Elias Levy/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

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