Dear Murrrddder Bugs….

Dear Murrrddder Bugs….



Mostly because when I went to trim this here palm frond you decided to build yer freaky home upon, you flew out in masse to attack mah face and body.

Today, I WIN…. YOU LOSE….

But just barely….you drew first blud, thus causing me to trip backwards, landing on already severed palm fronds, slicing mah sandpaperesque skin (them palm fronds are srs bidness, folks) and thus causing mah own blud to seep out… I liek mah blud where it is, thankyouverymuch.

So, you are nao ded.

I sprayed you from afar with murder bug spray and you deied.

Refrain from building on mah property and I won’t keel you and yer family.

Also, ow ow ow.

And ow.

Hot shower time.

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