For anyone having a shitty day/week/life rite nao:

For anyone having a shitty day/week/life rite nao:

I stopped by a local park because I heard something under the shark mobile….and wanted to see what it was.

A plastic bag had gotten stuck, and so I climbed under to extract it and upon straightening up, promptly inhaled a large flying bug into mah nose, causing me to cough and screech, attracting the attention of a lovely lady and her puppy enjoying her picnic and quiet, which made me embarrassed and apologetic, and still coughing, COUGHED OUT THE BUG.

So gross.

Also, I pulled a muscle in mah back and almost barfed.

She was sweet, but started laughing really hard and I keeled a bug that went INTO MAH NOSE AND CAME OUT MAH MOUF.

So you could laugh, too.

Yer welcome, g+.

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